The online game that will surely tests the ability on how your mind works, your sight and also how quick you are in the game, this is the Christmas Match 3 will do to you. This online game is suitable for all ages and can be played even it is not Christmas season. Play it anytime and anywhere. A game that not only is fun, entertaining but helps develops different motor skills in you.

How Christmas Match 3 works? This game is easy to understand and play.
Match at least 3 or more Christmas items. In order to match switch the two items of choose. The more Christmas items that is matched the higher the score to get and move to the next level. Total numbers of blocks and moves done can be seen at the side and above is the best score done, your current score playing and the last score created in the game.

Christmas items or icons that to be seen in during the game are Snowman, Sugarcane, Christmas balls, Christmas bells, Teddy bear and Santa elves are the Christmas items or icons to be watched out for and be matched.

The players can have options and controls on the menu icons. Menu Icons available in the game where players have the options to choose; the home icon, pause icon, music note icon and sound icon.

The home icon brings you to the main menu where the play, music note, sound and game control icon can be seen. The pause icon pauses the time of the game and the game itself and to continue to play the game just click again the icon. To choose to on or off the music background of the game can be done by clicking the music note icon. To be able to adjust the volume of the background music sounds just click the sound icon.

Have fun playing Christmas Match 3 and it will more fun when you have someone to play with by competing which player has the highest score with the game. The more players the more fun the game is.