Aside from the famous and popular Santa Claus, another fictional character that is as famous as him is Rudolph. Yes the reindeer which name is Rudolph, the ninth reindeer of Santa.
Santa Claus original team of flying reindeer that pull his sleigh to be able to deliver the gifts on Christmas was first composed of Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Dasher, Donner, Prancer and Vixen. You can see the name of this eight reindeer in Clement C. Moore poem in 1823 which is known as “A Visit from St. Nicholas or also called “The Night Before Christmas” In this poem their names is mentioned.
If you are wondering how Rudolph enter in this story, the red nose reindeer was created by a copywriter of a Montgomery Ward department store name Robert L. May. It was in 1939 where in he wrote a story poem that is Christmas theme. It is a story of a young reindeer that has large red glowing nose and was being teased, mocked by the other reindeers and become more like an outcast. Unfortunately on Christmas Eve it became foggy and Santa becomes worried that he cannot deliver the entire Christmas gift. But he saw the nose of Rudolph which was glowing red. Upon seeing this he ask him for help that foggy evening to lead his team of flying reindeer. This was his chance to be able to prove himself to others, he accepted and agreed to Santa request and lead them with the help of his glowing red nose to see the way. He became the ninth reindeer helping in pulling Santa sleigh. Because of his heroism he was treated by the other reindeer better and respected him as what he is.
Behind this story of Rudolph has a lesson that kids can learn, not only kids but all of us. That everything has a reason, even what you think is a liability this can become an asset. Judging other by the way or how they look is not a good trait. This short story of Rudolph has a great lesson to be learned. A great story that should be known by children.